Green Key Beach

Deer Island, better known as Green Key, was homesteaded by Cora and J. G. "Gib" Brown, back in the first quarter of the present century. The materials that were used to build their first home had to be ferried across from Manor Beach by boat, there being no road at that time. In the early thirties, a road was constructed to Deer Island and the pass that separated Deer Island from the mainland was filled with rock and earth, thus establishing a continuous roadway to the Gulf of Mexico.Enter a Description Here.

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Green Key Beach is located in Robert K. Rees Park in Pasco County.  A great place for a day at the beach or family picnic, with covered shelters, restrooms, a children’s playground and a boardwalk leading to a covered shelter overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Get there early, because the parking and shelters fill up quickly on nice days.

Things to do in tampa

4835 Green Key Road

New Port Richey, FL 



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