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We love the Tampa Bay area. In many ways we are inseparably tied to the water. Our work, our play, our food, our weather, our lives depend on it. Green Armada is making it simple to accomplish great things in our own neighborhood. Green Armada was born in Tampa Bay as a simple pomise to a sister lost to industrial pollutants. The founders have been recognized as People Magazine's Heroes of the Year, CNN Heroes, Reader's Digest Heroes and covered on NBC, CBS and Fox News nationally.


We foster grassroots efforts to keep the water clean. We don't care about politics or agendas - we just know what does and doesn't belong in the water. We are regular people, all volunteering to make a difference. We are heroes. We are you.

General Information:
Things to do in tampa

We have five simple ways for you to get involved. Visti our website ( for more information.


1) Take it to the streets - We foster and support cleanup efforts by individuals. Pick a spot, Let us know, Others show up to help. Document the results with pictures and video.


2) Working the water - We host Green Armada community service events where companies permit their employees to help clean up local areas. Join the proud and hardworking employees of companies like GlaxoSmithKline, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Bank of Tampa.


3) Work the crowds - Join us for World OceanFest in downtown Tampa on October 24-25, 2009. Listen to Jean Michel Cousteau, Lionel Ritchie, Kristin Hoffman and others as they teach and entertain you.


4) Join the team - We've made it easy and affordable to help out financially. A simple, single donation produces demonstrable results right here in Tampa Bay. Watch your money go to work on our web site. In addition, join hundreds of merchants participating in a new discount network that drives people to the merchant while giving our members valuable discounts. Every penny donated by the public stays here in Tampa Bay and is used for cleanup. Green Armada has no paid employees.


5) Help the kids - We run the Environmental Mentoring Institute where kids learn environmental and social responsibility in a one day class designed to be fun and educational. These kids are out in kayaks changing the world.


Please volunteer, donate, mentor, talk to others and join Green Armada. Finally, we understand that times are tough. Our approach in tough times is fight and work our way out of them. It's supported by us and you. One person at a time. Thank you for your support, your ideas and your caring hearts.

Things to do in tampa

Contact Information:

36181 E Lake Rd Ste 136

Palm Harbor FL 34685


For more information please email us at:


Fax 786-513-8193


Media Contact is:

Vince Albanese -



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