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"This is my American dream finally !" My journey began 49 years ago in my hometown of Palermo,Sicily, where I learned the value of hard work from my father, "Onorevole" (honorable) Nino, who rose to become a member of the Italian Parliament from 1972 up to 1992. I learned from my Dad (Nino) the values of life. I went to the college in Palermo ( Sicily ) where I studied languages and I took an interest in "seeing the world." I learned to speak French in Tunisia ( right next south to Sicily ), English in London and Spanish while traveling in Central America and the Carribean.


Naturally, in meeting and socializing with people from around the world I realized that I had a special talent working with people. Thus my thoughts turned to public relations and people-oriented businesses. I turned these thoughts into action by relocating to Rome, Italy and working in both the Airline and Tourism industries where my speciality was guiding American tourists to the splendors of the Eternal City. It was in Rome where my tasted entrepreneurship for the first time when I opened a restaurant near the famous Spanish Steps. Here I specialized in the typical Roman dishes like Pasta all' Amatriciana and Pasta alla Carbonara, which were combined with a menu that featured other international cuisines. It was during these years that I also developed a deep love for the city and culture of Rome as well its soccer team "AS ROMA 1927"of Captain Francesco Totti !


My love for Rome also brought me the love of my life, my wife Ulyana. We met after AS Roma won its third " scudetto" or championship (It's true, I'm also a soccer fan!) and all romans people were celebrating the joy of the victory. Rome celebrated victory but it was during these parties that I was blessed to have met my wife. A native of Ukraine, she worked at my restaurant in Rome before accepting a position as manager at a major restaurant in the Vatican, near St. Peter's. It wasn't long afterward that she became my wife. We have one son,Adrian who I am also very proud to say is also talented in languages and loves to play soccer.

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So why Rome to St. Petersburg? Those of you already here know the paradise I discovered in 2003. And I was fortunate to have had a bird's-eye view of this beautiful area while taking flying lessons at the St. Pete-Clearwater airport.I would return yearly with better flying skills and a better appreciation for our area. St. Petersburg had so won my heart which that I moved here permanently with my family in October 2009.


I learned from my mamma and my nonna(grandmother) that magic can be created with a few simple, basic ingredients. Nothing fancy: olive oil, tomatoes, cheeses and flavors that jump from the soil to our taste buds. Simple to use and simply delicious. When I first ate at Primi I saw that they embodied this culinary philosophy.


The personal touches that I'm bringing to the restaurant are some traditional Italian dishes, and a larger wine list.


Soon, some entertainment including live music (I love piano jazz!) and live show will be available !


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27 4th Street North

Saint Petersburg Florida 33701

Tel 727-895.4909

Fax 727-821.4590


Lunch Hour : Mon - Fri: 11am - 2.30pm

Dinner Hour: Tue - Thu: 5.30 - 9pm

* Friday & Saturday open until 10pm

 Sunday closed



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